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Christopher Wilson, President of Kids In The Woods Initiative, photo credit Myles Yearwood

Christopher Wilson, President

Christopher Wilson, a lawyer and passionate workers’ rights activist is currently the Director Regional Offices Branch of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Christopher also enjoys spending time outdoors and often can be found volunteering at K.I.W.I. out on the trails. His most important role is as father to two young and active girls. He believes in the benefits of connecting children to nature and is committed to ensuring that K.I.W.I. programming creates a safe space for children to play, discover and explore. 

Nicole Wall, Secretary of Kids In The Woods Initiative, photo credit Myles Yearwood

Nicole Wall, Secretary

Nicole Wall graduated from York University with an honours degree in labour studies and went on to work at Toronto’s Labour Education Centre and the Canadian Labour Congress - Ontario Region before becoming a regional representative with the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Nicole has a passion for popular education - which fosters learning through experience. She has been and continues to be an active member of several social justice groups including Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW). Nicole is a proud mother of her young son who has participated in K.I.W.I. programming.

James Yeboah, Treasurer of Kids In The Woods Initiative, photo credit Myles Yearwood

James Yeboah, Treasurer

James Yeboah has devoted the majority of his career to contributing to worthwhile causes and meaningful efforts in some way, shape, or form. His core values stem from being born to a good, hard-working, compassionate family. 

Holding a degree in Engineering and Management, he fashions himself as a community problem solver and champion of the aspirant, drawing significant purpose from helping people and groups realize the most of their potential. 

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