1What happens when it rains? Will programs be cancelled?

K.I.W.I. programs are conducted entirely outdoors and will proceed rain, snow or shine. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately for the weather as we will be outdoors for all activities. A wise man once said: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." 

In the case of severe inclement weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms & lightning, snowstorms or high winds over 50 km per hour, we will advise of any session cancellations. Adventures cancelled due to extreme weather will be rescheduled where possible.  

Please remember to check the daily weather forecast, pop your head outside your door and dress your child appropriately. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please click here to read a wonderful article on the benefits of children playing in so-called "bad" weather.  

Weather is our friend…there is no need to fear:-)

2What should my child bring to the program?
3Are there washrooms in Rouge National Urban Park?
4What about mosquitoes and ticks?
5What should my child wear to the program?
6What is the supervision ratio?
7What is the behaviour policy at K.I.W.I.?
8Can parents attend programs with their child?
9What Is Your COVID-19 Policy?
10Is there Poison Ivy in Rouge Park?
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