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Hello everyone!

Well, Saturday, April 13 was our first registration day in the Rouge! A special thanks to our volunteers, Thomas & Vivian (and that’s me standing between them;) for braving the winter (I mean Spring) elements and making it a fun afternoon! And a very special thanks to my nephew, Myles, for drawing our whiteboard sign (wish you could see it better in the photo above--he did a great job!)
The Rouge River was raging and the weather conditions were tough (high winds, constant rain, overcast skies, and cold), but we made the best of it! Thanks to those who came out to register. Program registration will continue all this week (April 15-20), so please come join us!
At K.I.W.I. we want to make a big change and shift the culture of childhood. By providing your child with safe access to the natural green spaces of Rouge Park, we will engage your child with our fun and innovative programming, and spark in them a sense of wonder for the world around them, so that they will be transformed into their best selves!
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