Discovery Day Trips for Students

Awaken, Cultivate, Reconnect!

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Teachers: Reconnect your students to nature on a K.I.W.I. Discovery Day trip! In our half-day (3 hours) program, students will be immersed in nature on a journey of discovery in Rouge Park. Program is available year round.

K.I.W.I. programs are all about “learning without learning”. What we provide is nature experience programming that will deeply impact your students and send them off on a journey of discovery about the things they will see, hear, feel and experience while at K.I.W.I.

By creating enthusiasm, and focusing attention while providing a direct experience with nature, a day at K.I.W.I. will create opportunities for your students to be inspired by the natural environment and to share their experiences. 

Program Details

Cost: $5.00 per student. Minimum charge of $100.

Teachers — curious about how to connect nature experience to your classroom curriculum? Read more about making the connection here.

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